About Kolache Rolf's

Everyone always wonders how we got the name “Kolache Rolf’s.” It all began when Rolf was eight years old at the county fair in East Texas when Rolf laid his eyes on a pig and knew he had to have him. $8.00 later, this pig was his, and from the very beginning, they were best friends.

Rolf’s father had a friend who owned a bakery in Houston, so whenever his father was there, he would pick up the week-old kolaches, and they would feed them to the pig. This pig loved kolaches, so Rolf’s dad saw it fitting to name him “Kolache Rolf.”

As Kolache Rolf grew and became tamed, Rolf would ride him around the yard. They were quite a sight! Once when Rolf was at the Houston livestock show and rodeo, he had a caricature drawn of him riding his pig, and the artist named it “Kolache Rolf’s.” That caricature stayed with Rolf throughout the years, and before he got married, he came across it once again. He took this as a sign from God that it was time to open a business and call it Kolache Rolf’s.

This pig helped Rolf in so many ways. Taking care of the pig taught him responsibility and hard work and eventually opened his eyes to hard decisions that we often face in life. When Kolache Rolf grew old, he became sick, and it was time for Rolf to make a hard decision. Would he let him suffer, or would he set him free to go out on his own? This decision forced Rolf to grow up quickly. So, as he opened the gates to set him free, he said goodbye to his friend. Kolache Rolf made Rolf the man he is today and helped create the business you all know and love!


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